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Home Buying Tips: Part 2

Here are three more insider tips to ensure you have the best possible home buying experience. In the first video, I gave three tips to ensure homebuyers have the best possible purchase experience, but I’m not out of tips just yet—he...

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Homebuyer Tips Part I: Getting a Great Start

Here’s what all homebuyers should consider before their home search. Today in part I of a two-part series, I’m discussing what buyers can do to set themselves up for success in our current real estate market.  1. Know what you...

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Q: How Low Is Our Inventory?

The story in our real estate market right now is low inventory. We just sold a home in the heart of beautiful Nottingham Country after 30 showings and receiving 14 offers. The market is picking up here, but we still have extremely limit...

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Q: How Is Our Market Right Now?

Here’s the data that shows how our market performed in April and May. As we enter June, here’s what’s going on in our real estate market as we begin to reopen. In Katy, resale home sales in April were down 22% from April 2019, whi...

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Q: What Mistakes Should Sellers Avoid At All Costs?

Here are three more major mistakes you must avoid as a home seller. Here are the final three of the six major mistakes home sellers must avoid if they want to sell quickly and for top dollar: 4. Failing to make simple repairs before ...

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Q: What Are the Top 6 Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid?

https://youtu.be/0lnHUxaleW4 To sell quickly and for top dollar, be wary of these six mistakes. Let’s be honest: Preparing your home for the market can be an exhausting and stressful process. However, if you avoid six major mistakes ...

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Q: How Do You Protest Your Property Taxes If They’re Too High?

Here are four tips on how you can get the most out of protesting the tax appraised value of your home. As the costs of Texas homes rise, so do their valuations. While those valuations may help the government increase revenue, for homeowners,...

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Supporting Our Local Businesses!

Watch as Chris Glapa with the Ruth/Chris Real Estate Team shoots a live video at a local Katy restaurant, Bonjour Cafe. Chris introduces the owners as well as their food and beverage offerings, and asks them how they are staying safe and keep...

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The April Market Performance You Weren’t Expecting

Now that we have reliable data from April, here’s what buyers and sellers should know about our Houston area market’s performance amid the COVID-19 crisis. There are so many sources of information out there, and sadly most of what’s sw...

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3 More Daily Rituals to Boost Your Well-being

Welcome back to part two of my series about daily rituals that will help you improve your health. In part one of our SAVERS series, we covered the benefits of silence, affirmations, and visualizations (if you missed part one, I encourage you...

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