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Chris and Ruth are fantastic at what they do. My wife and I moved from New York City, looking for better quality of life to raise our kids. We made a few trips here to survey and find the best suitable neighbor for us. While we were in Houston I called a few realtors to help us out but all of them wanted us to come in and sit to check our financial status before we could see any properties. I don’t blame them, I will probably do the same. During one of visits in March 2015 we saw a house in the Katy area, the number there was Chris’, I called him and he showed up in about 13 minutes. Gave us a tour of the property and even took us to see another one right after, we were pleased. NO ONE OFFERED SUCH SERVICES! Chris Glapa took a leap of faith with us, worked with us till we closed on our new home in August 2015, yay!!! That’s our story in a nutshell. I will always recommend them first! They will do their absolute best to help you get into the house of your dreams. Thank you Chris and Ruth again for all your hard work