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My wife and I were frist time home buyers till last week. When we first started looking I told Chris I was going to be every picky on what we wanted and where it was located. We wanted to be out of the city back into the country. I told them I was looking in the Cleveland area all the way over to the dayton area. So after I told him what I was looking for so he picked out five or six at a time to go look at. I was really suprise that he was willing to drive almost two hours to look at these homes. After looking at over ten homes we finally found the one we liked. When it came down to do the mortage stuff we was always there to help us with the lender. When we finally sat down to sign the papers him and his wife was there to make sure everything went well. We did have some problems with the paper work but lucky Chris was right there and on the phone non stop till it was fix. I highly recommend Chris and Ruth to anybody they are super great to work with and both are exeremly nice.