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10 Home Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Ready to give your home a facelift? Avoid these common mistakes homeowners make when renovating a home.

  1. Rushing into the project
    Home renovations take some planning, and rushing headlong into a massive remodeling project is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. A lot of them get overwhelmed by the amount of time and energy it takes to pull everything together.

    It’s advisable to plan a few months prior. Some homeowners even spend years planning if they want to make dramatic and costly changes to the property.

  2. Having a short timeline
    Home renovations take time, especially if you have an elaborate or large-scale project in mind. Set a reasonable timeline. Give the contractor enough time to finish everything. Otherwise, you might end up getting frustrated. The contractor might also be forced to cut corners in order to meet the deadline.

  3. Underestimating project costs
    It’s easy to go over budget when making renovations. You might uncover cosmetic and structural issues during the process, and this will require you to fork over some cash for repairs. Be prepared for these kinds of expenses. Pad your budget in anticipation of these costs.

  4. Getting carried away with renovations
    You might start getting new ideas as you go along, but resist the urge to change plans at the last minute or ask for add-ons that deviate from what you initially envisioned. Stick to the plan as closely as possible.

  5. Hiring the cheapest contractor
    It makes sense to want to keep your expenses low, but the cheapest contractor isn’t necessarily the best contractor. The same goes for hiring the first contractor you interview – it’s advisable to shop around for contractor to be able to compare rates and service quality.

    Hire someone who understands your vision, but at the same time has no problem telling you if some of the upgrades or changes you want are unrealistic.

  6. Overpaying for materials
    To know if the supplier is overcharging you for materials, explore the market and do some canvassing of your own. This gives you an idea of what market rates are for the materials you’re paying for.

  7. Trying to keep up with the trends
    It’s only natural to follow trends, especially when updating a home. But don’t make it too trendy – the trendier the home, the sooner it will go out of style. Go for classic choices, like hardwood floors and spacious decks, since these are almost always in demand.

  8. Not wanting to change the layout of a room
    You don’t have to live with an awkward layout for the rest of your life. It’s easier to move a sink or a toilet than you think, so don’t be afraid to ask the contractor to reconfigure the layout of the room.

  9. Not making alternative living arrangements
    It’s difficult to continue to live in the home while it’s undergoing massive renovation. The dust, debris, noise, and presence of contractors might make it difficult for you to relax. It can also compromise your privacy. Consider booking a hotel for the duration of the project, or temporarily moving in with friends or relatives.

  10. Buying the wrong home
    Homeowners undertake massive renovation projects when they feel like a home doesn’t quite live up to their expectations. But you need to be realistic about the kind of transformation you want to see in the home. If you want to have too many things changed, it might be better to buy a new home instead.

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